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Who We Are


The Maryland Military Coalition is a group of 16 military, veterans, uniformed services, and survivor organizations in the State of Maryland in joint pursuit of the following goals:

  • Maintaining a strong national defense provided by dedicated, skilled, and highly capable personnel in the seven uniformed services;

  • Promoting greater recognition of the military profession and educating the public on the extraordinary demands and sacrifices associated with a career in the uniformed services;

  • Advocating policies that will advance the well-being and opportunities of the uniformed services community of Maryland, including Active, National Guard, Reserve, retirees, their families and survivors;

  • Advocating the interests of the uniformed services community and promoting legislation favorable to the support of uniformed services issues at all levels of state government.


The philosophy of The Coalition is that, by working together on issues of mutual agreement, the participating organizations can harness the grassroots support of more than 460,000 members plus their families and accomplish far more than by working on these initiatives separately. When one or more of the Coalition organizations is invited to testify before the Maryland General Assembly, we frequently coordinate the testimony with the other Coalition associations and present it on behalf of the entire Coalition. This lends greater weight and unanimity to the testimony than if it were presented by any individual association.

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